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Ankieta - Europejska Karta Naukowca (3) EN

A survey concerning the fulfilment of the rules specified in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers by the Medical University of Silesia.

The Medical University of Silesia (MUS) in Katowice is applying for the HR Excellence in Research Logo, awarded by the European Commission to institutions that conduct research and development activities.

The prerequisite for being granted the logo is the implementation of the rules specified in the ?European Charter for Researchers? and the ?Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers? at the University. The application of the provisions of the above-mentioned documents aims at creating an attractive working environment for researchers and ensuring that ethical standards are observed in the research conducted.

One of the components of the awarding procedure for this recognition is an internal analysis involving the comparison of the MUS functioning with the rules set forth in the Charter and the Code.

Therefore, we kindly request you to complete the following survey. Its results will be used to create a Strategy delineating the main directions of the actions intended for full implementation of the principles of the Charter and the Code at the University.

Due to the prestigious nature of this recognition and the fact that this Logo gives the MUS Departments a chance to obtain a higher category in the next year?s parameter assessment of scientific units, we kindly request that you treat this matter with utmost importance.

Please be advised that your participation in the survey is anonymous.

The Team on the HR Excellence in Research Logo